Consolidated legislation

Legislation is fully consolidated and up-to-date, with all amendments incorporated into the text. Click to view earlier wordings of any provision, or use the version comparison tool to match one version against another.

An extensive range of time-saving features includes status indicators, hyperlinked cross-references, in-page definitions, details of proposed changes and customised printing.

Amendment history

We publish every version of every provision, showing all amendments in context. Using the page comparison tool allows you to match one version against another. Each statute also includes a chronological audit of changes and a table of amendments for each provision.

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Our advanced notification system give you total control over the email alerts delivered to your inbox.

Expert commentaries
and analysis

We work with leading finance and law firms to provide our clients with illuminating insights and opinion on a wealth of different topics.

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Library of publications

Publications from regulators and government departments, industry bodies and international organisations. All in one single resource to make your life easier.

Exportable regulatory
change reports

Better Regulation monitors hundreds of relevant bodies around the clock to make sure our clients are always on top of regulatory change.

Customisable email alerts deliver news directly to your inbox, so you’ll never miss an important development. You can also visit ‘What’s New’ to browse recently added documents and download tailor-made regulatory change reports.